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Vacuums and I have traditionally had very short, turbulent relationships. With three large dogs and several cats sharing our home that is nearly all carpeted, you can imagine that we have gone through our fair share of vacuums.

To be honest, I haven’t felt comfortable posting about the vacuums we’ve had because their lives are so short in our home. You can imagine my skepticism when Bissell sent out the BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum with Lift-Off Technology . But, I’m very happy to report that it has exceeded our expectations. And I’ll tell you why…

We received product samples from the company mentioned above, however our opinions are our own and we are under no obligation to create a positive review or article. We occasionally utilize affiliate links when linking out to products.

It works

If anything, it almost works too well because you do have to make multiple trips to the garbage can to empty the cylinder. I view it as a good thing because I’m burning a lot more calories when I vacuum. The payoff is that there is no loss of power even when the cylinder is full.

On-board tools include Pet TurboEraser® Tool and crevice tool and brush roller on/off switch for cleaning hard floors (this way things like sand and dirt don’t fly around as its pushed by the brush roller and it’s a favorite feature of mine!

It’s affordable

If you’re like me, you can’t afford a $700 vacuum, so we are always searching out options that are affordable.  Which is why you’re going to love the Bissel PowerGlide Deluxe with Life-Off technology.

Multi-level filtration

With a double cylinder, a multicyclonic cleaning system, and more filtration than I can shake a stick at, I’m very happy with the extensive cleaning power.

It’s maneuverable

This is by far the easiest of all Bissels I have owned. It features a collapsible handle so you don’t have to store it a giant closet, and it maneuvers easily around furniture. The bottom section is on a type of swivel, so you can easily get in between and under items like coffee tables and in corners and crevices. It has a slightly smaller head than other models I’ve used, but I found that made it more maneuverable.

It's lightweight

As someone who's life changed due to an unfortunate vacuum incident (see Falling Into the Food Chain for that story), I felt this was a very lightweight vacuum but I have heard some people say that it was slightly heavy. I’m not sure what they are comparing it too, but I’ve had Bissell, Sharks, and Hoovers and this was easily the most lightweight of them all.  It weighs in at 16 lbs and this seems as light or lighter than others on the market.

It’s guaranteed

This vacuum comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

In all, I think you’re going to love the Bissel PowerGlide for Pets. At only $179, it’s a great way to prepare your pet-friendly home for the holidays and have a vacuum that will last you the entire year!

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Author: stacymantle
About the Author

Stacy Mantle is a freelance writer who currently resides in the southwestern deserts of Arizona with a few dogs, several cats, and a very understanding husband. She is a regular contributor to Pet Age Magazine, Catster, Animal Behavior College, and of course, PetsWeekly. Many of her stories and articles have been translated into several languages, and now reach an international audience. She is also the author of a bestselling urban fantasy/thriller, Shepherd's Moon; a humor book entitled, Conquering the Food Chain: Living Amongst Animals (Without Becoming One), and a line of Educational Activity Books for children.

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