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An Open Letter to Animal Rescuers E-mail

Dear Animal Rescuer,

This letter is to acknowledge the hard work you do each day keeping animals safe. I want you to know that your work has not gone unnoticed and I want to say thank you.

I know how many nights you've spent in your car, waiting for a stray cat to make the decision to enter a metal cage for a bite of food. I know that you are the first ones on the scene of disasters, long before HSUS shows up with their cameras. I know how many dogs and cats you've picked up from County at the twelfth hour, minutes before they were going to be euthanized, and I know how you often pay boarding costs out of your own pocket to give them a chance at life. I know that you spend hours late at night searching Craigslist for "free to a good home" ads because you are one of the few who realize these animals will be picked up and sold as lab animals, or used as bait animals for illegal dog fights, or worse...

I know how frustrated you are with humans, and that you are often called “crazy” or “eccentric” or “unbalanced” for your allegiance to animals. Please don’t worry… most people are not emotionally equipped to see the potential beauty of a mangy dog, or keep their compassion for a cat that has just bitten them. There are many humans who will never understand you.

But, I do...

5 Ways to Save Your Lawn from Pet Urine E-mail

If you have pets, and sometimes even if you don’t have pets, you may find that your backyard smells more and more like a dog kennel or litter box than a freshly cut lawn or a garden of beautiful roses.

It doesn’t have to be that way... There are many ways to take care of your yard without hurting the lawn and without impacting your pets health.

Pet urine can overpower even the healthiest lawn. There are many theories on why dog urine (and cat urine) effect common lawn grasses, and why some types of lawns don't seem to have much of a problem resisting urine (fescue, perennial ryegrass are two examples). But, if you're seeing brown spots on your lawn, we have solutions for you.

GMOs in Pet Food: What they are and How they Impact our Pets E-mail

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a hot topic right now, but maybe not for the right reasons. We hear the term GMO and immediately assume it is terrible for us and for our pets. While we totally agree that is a dangerous movement, we believe it is dangerous due to its impact on our environment and society, as well as consumption, although the truth is, no one knows know for sure as there have been no long-term studies done. The most recent studies coming out are not exactly encouraging...

But, the fact is, we and our pets have probably been consuming GMOs for years without even knowing it. So, what is so bad about GMOs and why should we avoid them? Well, here’s a “quick overview to GMOs” we put together…

Dressing Your Pet for Special Occasions E-mail

If you know anything about me, you know I’m not a huge fan of dressing up my pets. It’s just not something I grew up doing. I’ve spent most of my life with large dogs. Wild breeds, like wolf hybrids and coyotes and big pits and shepherds. To have dressed these dogs up would have been like making a teenage boys wear his hair in pigtails.

But, then I got Bree and Brock, both of whom are very keen on being dressed up in cold weather.  These dogs pull blankets off the couch to cover themselves up when I have the air conditioning too low.

I wrote a couple of stories on pet fashion for several industry publications and during my research, I interviewed Ada Nieves about her pet fashion projects. I learned the New York Fashion Institute even has a course tract designed specifically for pet fashion, and I discovered that I may have been wrong all these years.

There are “levels” of dressing up pets that don’t require you or your pet to look snobbish. And let’s face it – playing dress up can be fun on occasion. And we love the simpler looks for our cats!

The Toughest Plush Toys for Tough Chewers E-mail

Chew toys are often described as indestructible, yet if you have a chewer, you know that there is no such thing as an indestructible chew toy – especially when it comes to our pets favored plush toys. The best we can hope for is a slightly less easily destroyed toy that will last longer than an hour. Good news, we have a few of them for you. If you have a heavy chewer that is prone to toy destruction, you’ll want to take a look at four of our favorite brands of plush chew toys that will last longer than any other plush toy on the market.

Remember, "indestructible" is a relative term. No plush toy will last against the heaviest of chewers for longer than a few hours, but we love that these hold up to the abuse nearly any dog can dish out - much better and a lot longer than other brands... If your dog absolutely gets through everything, and you're not independently wealthy, you may want to stick with the heavy duty solid rubber toys. But, for the dogs who love to chew soft things, these are the toys you'll want to stick with.

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