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Join us at Woofstock in Chandler, AZ E-mail

PetsWeekly is proud to partner with the city of Chandler for their 6th annual Woofstock event for a day of fun in the Valley of the Sun. Plan to join us on Saturday, November 15, 2014 from  9 a.m. - 2 p.m. at Tumbleweed Park. Admission is free and leashed pets are welcome!

As always, PetsWeekly will be there offering lots of free samples, plenty of unique products to learn about, and chances to win everything from Clear Conscience Pet Treats to HedzUp Pet Life Saving Collars. We hope you’ll swing by the booth (you’ll find us right in front of the stage). As always, we will be focusing on bringing you information  you can use for surviving the multi-pet home. Take a sneak preview at the best new pet products - including the newest supplements, foods, clothing, collars, and tech gadgets!

PetsWeekly is proud to provide baskets for raffle at the event. Swing by and support the ASAS with a raffle ticket (you can pick yours up for $5 or increase your odds of winning by purchasing 5 for $20!) Clear Conscience Pets has generously donated bags of treats for inclusion in these amazing baskets and you’ll also have a chance to win a Gift Certificate from HedzUp Pets.

Using the ResQWalk App to Raise Funds for Animals E-mail

Looking for a new way to help your favorite animal rescue raise funds? The new ResQWalk app is fun, free and super easy to use!

Using this app is simple. Just log-in using Facebook or Twitter (or you can use your email address). You'll see a donation pool where you can choose the rescue group you want to support with your walks. There are thousands of rescues listed and you can either choose one you know or explore a few you don't know. You're also allowed to choose more than one. For our walk, we selected Crazy Cat Ladies unite and AZK9 to receive credit for our walk.

The donation pools vary. This week, it's $2,600 and every time someone uses the app to record their walk, your rescue receives part of that pool. Your phone's GPS tracks and maps your route on a very detailed map (which means, you have to actually do the walk). You can pause the app at any time if you decide to stop at a park or visit a friend, but you don't have to.

Dog Etiquette: Leashes E-mail

Recently, we posted on Facebook that we were out walking our dogs and experienced two small, off-leash dogs aggressively running to our much larger, leashed dogs. My dogs were both on-leash and controlled, but I was still annoyed. After posting my experience, I received a lot of responses - some of which were a bit negative due to the fact that one of my dogs looks like a pit bull (apparently I shouldn't be walking him?).

Here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter if my dogs are pit bulls or chihuahuas or golden retrievers. In fact, I could have been walking alone, or riding a horse, or walking my cat. The fact is, dogs of any size should never run up on another person or animal without being invited to do so. It’s a common courtesy that could save your dog’s life.

Here are just a few reasons why...

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets E-mail

The spookiest night of the year for pets is upon us and that means we need to take a few extra precautions for our four-legged family members. From tricks and treats to deadly decorations and dangerous howl-o-ween noises, there are plenty of potential problems that we need to closely monitor.

Cats Stay Indoors

First and foremost, you pets (especially your cats) should stay indoors this night (and every night, but we can talk about that later). Just make it a focused priority to keep your pets in a controlled environment during the nights of October 30-November 1.

Dog-inspired Beers to Warm up the Fall E-mail

The cooler temperatures have finally arrived, and with the chillier days come all of the local brewfests and Oktoberfest celebrations. They’ve been in full swing all month long, and I thought this would the perfect time to highlight some great beer companies whose dogs have inspired them to frothy greatness, or cater to those of us who just plain love dogs.

Sea Dog Brewing, located on the salty coastline of Maine, got their logo from their Great Pyrenees, Barney, who served as apprentice brewmaster and the company’s figurehead until he went to the Rainbow Bridge. Great Pyrenees were originally bred to protect flocks, and Barney used those instincts to guard the brew kettle as it boiled. Visit one of their brewpubs in Maine, and raise a pint to the memory of Barney. (I suggest the Hazelnut Porter.)

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